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8th Grade U.S. History

Hello, my name is Scott Blassingame. I currently teach 8th grade U.S. History at La Vega Junior High George Dixon Campus. I look forward to working with your child throughout the year. The following are topics we will be covering this year:
Unit 1- Colonial America
Unit 3- American Revolution
Unit 4- Constitution
Unit 5- Early Republic
Unit 6- Age of Andrew Jackson
Unit 7- Westward Expansion
Unit 8- Industrialism and Social Issues of the 1800's
Unit 9- A Nation Divided ( Sectionalism)
Unit 10- Civil War
Unit 11- Reconstruction
My conference time is 10:00am - 10:40am. Feel free to email or call to set up an appointment.
Current Unit: Constitution
Oct 3rd- Oct. 7th - Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance
Oct. 11th- 14th- Constitutional Convention of 1787, Constitution
October 17th- Oct 21st - Bill of Rights
Unit 4 Test - October 21st