La VegaJr. High George Dixon Campus

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Teacher of the year 2016-17

Mrs. Matus has served several roles on the junior high campus since the beginning of the 2013-14 school year. In those four years she has helped the campus as a special education inclusion teacher and as an AVID teacher for the last two years. As an AVID teacher, she has taken on a role larger than teacher, she is a bona fide mother hen to her AVID students and she strives every day to make sure that they are handling the business of school not just in her classroom but in every classroom they enter. Mrs. Matus’ constant drive and energy lead her to be involved across the campus by serving as the sponsor for both National Jr. Honor Society and Student Council. She works with students before and after school on service projects and helps them to develop into well-rounded individuals. She has also served as co-director of the La Vega Jr. High George Dixon Campus One Act Play. In addition to her classroom duties and her work with students, Mrs. Matus plays a vital role in the administration of the campus state assessments. Last, but certainly not least, Mrs. Matus is a constant positive force for her campus. She is always ready with a smile and will go out of her way to help out a colleague in need. She is the ultimate team player and like many of her nature, she would prefer to operate behind the scenes, so it is exciting for us to recognize her because she is the one that always wants to recognize others. Mrs. Matus lives in West with her husband James and various pets. She and James are foster parents and have welcomed many young children into their lives and home with the same love and compassion that she exhibits for her co-workers and students. One student when asked about Mrs. Matus stated, “She is simply the best.  She always sees when you are down and won’t let you leave until you have a smile and are ready to face the world. She never gives up on you.”