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Nadia Zuniga » Nadia Zuniga 8th Grade Social Studies

Nadia Zuniga 8th Grade Social Studies

Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Welcome to 8th grade Social Studies. My name is Ms. Zuniga and I am looking forward to an amazing year with all of you. I know it is going to be a magnificent year full of remarkable learning and discovery.


8th Grade Social Studies

Syllabus 2019-2020

La Vega Junior High George Dixon


Ms. Zuniga

Email:   Phone Number: (254)299-6790


Overview of 8th Grade Social Studies:

  • We will be exploring United States History from Exploration throughout Reconstruction.


Unit Topics:

  1.         Thinking Like a Historian
  2.         Colonial America
  3.         American Independence
  4.         Writing the Constitution
  5.          Early Republic
  6.         Age of Jackson
  7.         Westward Expansion
  8.         Industrialization and Reform
  9.         Sectionalism
  10.         Civil War
  11.         Reconstruction
  12.         Rights and Responsibilities

Required Materials:

1. 1 composition book

2.  Writing utensils (pen or pencil)



  1.        Develop a better understanding of United States history.
  2.        Develop skills that lead to independent thinking and learning.
  3.        Develop critical thinking and reasoning ability.
  4.        Develop reading and writing skills.


  • Daily Grades 50%
  • Test Grades 50%

Classroom Expectations:

  1.        Be Respectful
  2.        No food or drinks
  3.        Be ready to learn!
Educational Philosophy-
I believe each students has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. I will help students to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. I will assist students in discovering who they are, so they can express their own ideas. Overall, I want to make a difference in my students as my teachers and professors made in me. 
Six Weeks Overview-
3rd Six Weeks- Early Republic- Addressing Challenges 1789-1828 and Age of Jackson- Democracy Expands 1820s-1830s
2nd Six Weeks- American Independence- Restlessness to Rebellion 1763-1783 ,Writing the Constitution - Creating a more perfect Union 1783-1791 and Early Republic - Addressing Challenges 1789-1828
1st Six Weeks-Colonia lAmerica-Life in a New Land 1587-1763 and American Independence- Restlessness to Rebellion 1763-1783