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Katherine Hawthorne » Class Syllabus

Class Syllabus

                                                LVJH George Dixon Campus/ELAR
7th Grade Reading
2019-2020 Course Syllabus
Part 1: Course Information
Instructor Information
Instructor: Katherine Hawthorne
Room: 509
Conference: 10:34am-11:19am
Office Telephone: (254) 799-2428
Course Description
            Throughout the course of the year, we will be focusing on 5 standards that we expect students to learn to mastery. These 5 standards will be addressed throughout the entire school year’s curriculum, through various genres and types of media.
Student Learning Objectives 
Students will use context such as contrast or cause and effect to clarify the meaning of new words.
Students will use text evidence to support an appropriate response to questions.
Students will explain the author’s purpose and message within a text.
Students will make inferences and use evidence to support understanding.
Students will summarize texts in ways that maintain the meaning and logical order.
Year Overview by Unit
Semester 1
Unit 1 (13 days)- Literary Essentials
Unit 2a (20 days)- Literary Analysis and Composition of Fiction & Literary/Narrative Fiction
Unit 2b (25 days)- Literary Analysis and Composition of Drama  and Poetry
Unit 3 (25 days)- Analysis and Composition of Informational Texts
Semester 2
Unit 4 (17 days)- Rhetorical Analysis and Composition of Argumentative Texts
Unit 5 (20 days)- Making Connections Across Genres
Unit 6 (25 days)- Synthesize! Create! Move!
Part 2: Important Dates/Reports 
Grade 7 Writing STAAR Exam- April 7, 2020
Grade 7 Math STAAR Exam - May 12, 2020
Grade 7 Reading STAAR Exam- May 13, 2020
Progress Reports/Report Cards:
At the end of the first three weeks of a grading period, parents will receive a progress report if their child’s performance in any course/subject area is near or below 70, or is below the expected level of performance. If the student receives a grade lower than 70 in any class or subject at the end of a grading period, the parent will be requested to schedule a conference with the teacher of that class or subject.
Questions about grade calculation should first be discussed with the teacher; if the question is not resolved, the student or parent may request a conference with the principal in accordance with FNG(LOCAL).
The report card or unsatisfactory progress report will state whether tutorials are required for a student who receives a grade lower than 70 in a class or subject.
[Report cards and unsatisfactory progress reports must be signed by the parent and returned to the school within three (3) days. The district may use an electronic program to communicate academic information about your child, including for report card and progress reporting purposes. An electronic signature of the parent will be accepted by the district, but you are entitled to request the option to provide a handwritten signature of acknowledgment instead.]
Part 3: Grading
Grades in this course will be totaled as follows:
30% Assessments
70% Daily Grades.
Google Classroom
This year we will have a class set of Google Chromebooks available for each student, housed within our classroom, which allows us to use technology daily. We will be using Google Classroom for various assignments. The following code will be needed for students to get into our google classroom. (It will also be displayed in the classroom daily as we use chromebooks.)
Additionally, in Google classroom we will be filling out forms for quizzes, missing assignments, library book checkouts from the classroom, etc. It will be vital to our classroom success this year and staying organized for the school year.
Part 4: Attendance & Make- Up Work
Students are expected to be in class, on-time, every day that school is in session.
On-time for ELAR is students in the classroom as the passing bell rings.
Students that are not in the classroom when the bell rings will be considered tardy and will be expected to have a pass or accept consequences.
A student who is tardy to class by more than ten (10) minutes may be assigned to detention hall or given another appropriate consequence.
For any class missed, the teacher may assign the student makeup work based on the instructional objectives for the subject or course and the needs of the individual student in mastering the essential knowledge and skills or in meeting subject or course requirements.
A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher. A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.
A student is encouraged to speak with his or her teacher if the student knows of an absence ahead of time, including absences for extracurricular activities, so that the teacher and student may plan any work that can be completed before or shortly after the absence.
Please remember the importance of student attendance at school and that, even though absences may be excused or unexcused, all absences account for the 90 percent threshold regarding the state laws surrounding “attendance for credit or final grade