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About Me:
This is my 1st year at La Vega Junior High George Dixon Campus, and I'm so very excited! However, this is my 7th year of teaching overall. I graduated from Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and then got my teaching certification after working for CIS for a year. Being able to use my creativity while teaching is truly living the dream! My students motivate me to be a better person each and every day.
Conference Time:
You can reach me from 9:46 - 10:31 each morning if you need me at all.
Educational Philosophy:

"The aim of art education in the public schools is not to make more professional artists but to teach people to live happier fuller lives; to extract more out of their experience, whatever that experience may be." ~Grant Wood~


I believe that visual art education is an integral part of a student's complete education.  I have come to believe through personal experience that the arts teach a student to make decisions and problem-solve.  The arts harbor a sense of value and accomplishment.  The arts help foster an individual sense of identity, which in turn helps a student develop as an individual. A student in my classroom will encounter a multitude of art media from 2-dimensional to technology.  They will participate in the artistic process from an idea's inception to creation through reflection and critique to the exhibition.  My students will explore the history of art and its impact on contemporary art.  They will "learn to say what cannot be said" and have an "experience we can have from no other source" which will enable them to "discover the range and variety of what we are capable of feeling."  The artists that develop in my class will leave with an appreciation of the arts that transcends skills but infuses itself into aspects of their everyday life. I endeavor to provide a foundation for my students that will help them as they mature as artists and as individuals.  Through their experiences as an artist, critic, and reflective observer they will learn many lessons that will aid them in their development.  It is my belief that through experiences in my class they will come to know the importance of the visual arts in today's society and how it contributes to every aspect of our daily life.


"We don't make mistakes. Just happy accidents." -Bob Ross

3rd 6weeks Overall:
This 6 weeks the 7th and 8th grade Art students will be focusing on creating unique pieces of art with oil pastels. For our first major project, students will follow step-by-step instructions on how to create a nighttime scene in a pumpkin patch. Our major second major project will be a fall theme zentangle still life piece. Students will learn techniques to creating creative zentangles and the proper way to create still life art.