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About Me

Hi! I'm Beth Mickey and I am new to La Vega ISD this year. I am beginning my 9th year in education and my 5th year on the secondary campus level. I have taught 3-7 grades, all subjects, single subjects, dual subjects, but mostly ELAR. I was NOT a reader growing up, so I understand that struggle that many kids face when it comes to picking up a book. I love teaching reading as an adult who is an avid reader to be able to show kids that a late start is better than never! 
I am married to my wonderful husband, Tommy, and together we have 8 dogs and 13 cats; we also have 1 foster cat and 1 foster dog, and two outside cats. We foster/rescue animals through various organizations in the central Texas area. 

This 6-weeks, and every 6 weeks we will focus on these 5 essential learning standards. These 5 standards will allow students to learn new material and think critically about that new material

Student Learning Objectives  

  • Students will use context such as contrast or cause and effect to clarify the meaning of new words.
  • Students will use text evidence to support an appropriate response to questions. 
  • Students will explain the author’s purpose and message within a text.
  • Students will make inferences and use evidence to support understanding. 
  • Students will summarize texts in ways that maintain the meaning and logical order.
It is my belief that all students deserve an opportunity to learn and be successful. I believe that school should be a safe, consistent environment where they can ask questions and feel secure with failing and learning from failure. I want my classroom to be a friendly-space where students feel welcome, challenged, and ready to learn new information.