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Physical Education


Welcome to my class!





Students are expected to participate each day during the planned activities.

Their grades are dependent upon this factor. They will also be responsible for following our

La Vega Jr. High - George Dixon Campus Procedures -

1. Be Respectful   2. Be on Time   3. Be Prepared   4. Be on Task


LVJH-GDC Physical Education Mission Statement



Physical Education allows every student opportunities to understand and practice team mentality, fair play, and sportsmanship. It also provides students a chance to participate in traditional and non-traditional games. This covers sports from basketball to badminton. Physical activity can not only be enjoyable, but it can also decrease chances of future health problems.


Creating an atmosphere for students to learn, practice, and appreciate sportsmanship allows them to learn lessons applicable in other aspects of their lives. This program implements lessons in our activities that should be learned by all. Not only do we cover more common games such as basketball, football, volleyball, and kickball; we also try to incorporate lesser-known games such as badminton or ultimate Frisbee. It is also possible to play traditional games with alternate rules.


Physical Education should teach lessons pertaining to health and life skills. More importantly, it should be enjoyed. An array of different sports, activities and lessons can be learned. As a nation, we are becoming more negligent when it comes to our health. Eating fast food too often, doing less physical activity, and spending too much time in front of a media device are all drawbacks from our technological world. It is a responsibility of a physical education teacher to teach healthy habits. This would, at least, give students the information necessary to make better health choices. If nothing else, students participating in regular activities, at least while in physical education, is a better option than no physical activity whatsoever.


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