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Hello parents and students, I want to welcome you to my class. I have extremely high expectations for all the students in my classroom. I expect students to be prompt, respectful, prepared, and on task. My classroom will remain fun and an interactive place to learn when students meet my expectations. Also, please feel free to contact me by email and/or phone. My conference time is during 6th period. Please reference the syllabus below. 
Thank you,
Keri Coker
 " I will think, I will try, I Will Participate"
" It's All About the Kids"

8th Grade Mathematics


Keri Coker

Phone Number:  (254)299-6790


I am very excited to teach your child! On our math journey together, students will explore math while making real-life connections empowering them to excel. Students will be challenged to identify, analyze, predict and apply mathematical ideas communicating them orally and in writing. By doing this, your child will become critical thinkers and lifelong learners!

Class Supplies Needed

  • 1 **2 pocket folder with brads**  (Student Needs ASAP)
  • 2 pack of pencils
  • 1 Box of Kleenex
  • 1 pack of Crayola markers (Bonus Points)

Course homework policy  

Students will be expected to study their Cornell Notes for 5 minutes every night. This is the main assignment that they will have for the year. It is extremely important, once a student leaves the classroom they automatically forget 70% of the material.  When they read over their notes it brings their rate of remembering back up to 70%.

Corrections on work:

If a student makes below a 70 on any assignment they will be able to make corrections.  Once corrections are made the average of the two grades will be taken for the final grade that will be posted in the grade book. No student can fail my class unless they do not put the effort in.

Missing Work:  

If you were absent from class, you have * two days to make up the work.   If you miss a test, you must make up the test the following day the student returns to class. If a student is absent from class either off-campus or has been placed In-School-Suspension, it is their responsibility to get the work and notes that were missed.  Missed assignments will be located in the tray labeled by the day of the week or posted in google classroom. Missed assignments due to an absence will be due according to the length of the assignments.



Syllabus for every 6 weeks:

1st 6 weeks: Topics

  • Unit 1 Value and magnitude of rational numbers
  • Unit 2 Statistics with univariate data
  • Unit 3 One-Variable equations, inequalities, and their applications

 2nd 6 weeks: Topics

  • Unit 4 Developing an understanding of slope and y-intercept
  • Unit 5 Proportional and Non-proportional functions

 3rd 6 weeks: Topics

  • Unit 6 Statistics with Bivariate Data
  • Unit 7 Transformational Geometry

4th 6 weeks: Topics


  • Unit 8 Angle and triangle relationships involving real numbers
  • Unit 9 Measurements of three-dimensional figures
  • Unit 11 Financial Planning

 5th 6 weeks: Topics

  • STAAR Review

 6th 6 weeks: Topics

  • Unit 12 Essential understanding of Algebra


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