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Mrs. Martin's Page
I am so excited to have you visit my page!
I am the Proudest Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2006! WHOOP!
I LOVE teaching 7th grade science!
I grew up watching Bill Nye the Science Guy and that is one of my biggest inspirations to become a teacher. It is my hope to be an inspiration and driving force for our students to seek knowledge and enjoy science.
This year we are going to be studying Life Science. Science is all around us. 
It is important that every student come to class prepared to learn and with the positive attitude. 
We are a NO OPT OUT campus.
Conference Time:
Meetings by appointment only.
6th period (1:21 pm -2:06 pm)
Current Class Topic:
Unit 4: Investigating Genetics
Reproduction: Asexual & Sexual
Genetics: Inherited Traits
Genetics: Dominant & Recessive Traits, with Punnett Squares
Test 12/18
The end of the grading period in December 21st. All make-up and late work is due by Thursday, December 20th.

All failed assignments (grade below 70) can be resubmitted for a grade up to a 70. Work more than 5 days past due, can be turned in for up to a 50.

Some of the assignments are on google classroom, which can be accessed outside of school by logging in to with their and password.


Science: Seventh Grade

Mrs. Martin

Room 504

What will we study?

  • Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations & Lab Safety
  • Unit 1: Cell Structures and Functions
  • Unit 2: Human Body Systems & Homeostasis
  • Unit 3: Plant Systems & Homeostasis
  • Unit 4: Genetics
  • Unit 5: Adaptations in Plants & Animals
  • Unit 6: Flow of Energy
  • Unit 7: Organisms and Their Environment
  • Unit 8: Factors Affecting Earth Systems
  • Unit 9: Characteristics on the Solar System


What will we do?

  • Investigating labs
  • Station Activities
  • Written reports and assignments 
  • Manipulatives and hands-on practice 
  • Use technology for apps and websites 
  • Vocabulary activities

Bring everyday:

  • Pencil (Erasers) and/or Pen (Blue or Black ink)
  • Spiral or Composition Notebook
  • School Binder (or Science Folder)
  • Chromebook

Every Grade Counts!

  • 50 % Tests  – Tests, Labs, and Projects
  • 50 % Daily work – Daily Assignments, Notes, “Do Now”, and Quizzes
  • All assignments can be resubmitted for a grade up to a 70. Work more than 5 days past due, can be turned in for up to a 50.


  • Follow class procedures
  • Come prepared with materials/supplies
  • Turn in assignments on time
  • Be respectful!
  • Clean up after yourself


  • Talk over the teacher or others
  • Take a zero for a grade!
  • Leave trash or paper on the floor.
  • Make excuses.

(Take a consequence for your actions.)


  • Look at absent folder when you return
  • Turn in missing work within 2 days
  • Email/inform the teacher
  • Join Remind: text @sm2006 to 81010

Need Help?

  • Ask for HELP!
  • Come to a tutoring session
Students must turn in a Lab Safety Contract in order to participate in any lab activities!
If a student wishes to retake a test or quiz, please fill out a "Retest Request" form and turn it in to the teacher. (All retakes have a maximum value of 70*)
PDF copies of my class syllabus, classroom procedure (rules), and safety contracts (English and Spanish versions) are available for download.