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3rd Six Weeks Overview
This six weeks we will finish up our force and motion.  We will begin working on our Earth science unit that will include plate tectonics and weather patterns.
Personal Bio
I have been with the La Vega family for a few years now.  I have been teaching for 14 years at several grade levels.  I was born and raised in the Waco area.  I love spending time with my family, reading, and crafting.
Conference Time
9:01 - 9:46
Educational Philosophy
I had wonderful teachers when I was growing up.  They inspired me to believe in myself and to accomplish any goal I set.  I want to pass that along to my students.   Hard work and determination will help them achieve any dream.  Every child has a different way of learning.  It is my job to create lessons that will help each one of my students. 
Science safety and procedures
Chemistry Unit
Structure of an atom
Protons and valence electrons
The Arrangement of the Periodic Table
Chemical Formulas
Evidence of Chemical Reactions
Balancing chemical equations
Force and Motion Unit
Unbalanced forces
Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration
Newton's laws
Earth Science Unit
Day/Night cycle and seasons
Lunar cycle
Ocean tide
Components of the Universe
Electromagnetic Spectrum
The scientific theory of the origins of the Universe
History of Plate Tectonics theory
Plate Tectonics
Topographic maps and satellite images
Convection currents
Global patterns
Life Science Unit
Food web relationships
Short and Long-Term environmental changes
Human and ocean systems