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My name is David Wines and I'm teaching 7th grade science.  This is life science and it is relevant to all of us!  It is my goal to engage and encourage all students to accomplish great things.
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Science: Seventh Grade

Mr. Wines

Room 500

What will we study?

  • Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations & Lab Safety
  • Unit 1: Cell Structures and Functions
  • Unit 2: Human Body Systems & Homeostasis
  • Unit 3: Plant Systems & Homeostasis
  • Unit 4: Genetics
  • Unit 5: Adaptations in Plants & Animals
  • Unit 6: Flow of Energy
  • Unit 7: Organisms and Their Environment
  • Unit 8: Factors Affecting Earth Systems
  • Unit 9: Characteristics on the Solar System

What will we do?

    • Investigating labs
    • Station Activities
  • Written reports and assignments
  • Manipulatives and hands-on practice
  • Use technology for apps and websites
  • Vocabulary activities

Every Grade Counts!

50 % Tests  – Tests, Labs, and Projects

50 % Daily work – Daily Assignments, Notes, “Do Now”, and Quizzes

Bring everyday:

    • Pencil (Erasers) and/or Pen (Blue or Black ink)
    • Spiral or Composition Notebook
  • School Binder (or Science Folder)


  • Look at absent folder when you return
  • Turn in missing work within 2 days
  • Email/inform the teacher


  • Follow class procedures
    • Come prepared with materials/supplies
  • Turn in assignments on time
    • Be respectful!
  • Clean up after yourself


  • Talk over the teacher or others
  • Take a zero for a grade!
  • Leave trash or paper on the floor.
  • Make excuses.

(Take a consequence for your actions.)

Teacher Information:


Tutoring:  by appointment.  

Remind App: text this number: 81010

enter: @mwines

Need Help?

  • Ask for HELP!
  • Come to a tutoring session
  • Ask for extra work

  • Classroom Guidelines and Procedures
    • Class is 45 minutes long, your hallway discussions need to end when you enter the classroom.
      We start class silently and end class silently.
  • Entering the Classroom
    • Enter the classroom calmly, quietly and orderly.
    • Read the agenda on the board to see what we are doing and what you will need for class.
    • Make sure you have everything you need before taking your assigned table/seat.
    • Place your backpack against the wall on the side of the room. (So Mr. Wines won’t trip over things)
  • Starting work
    • Every day we will start with a “Do Now” question/activity.
    • Go directly to your seat and start work on your “Do Now”, you will have 3-5 minutes to complete it.
  • Turning in Work
    • I will ask that one person from each table pick up the papers for your table and turn them in. I only want 5-6 people up to turn in papers not 25.
  • If you arrive After the Tardy Bell
    • Enter silently, if you have a pass give it to your teacher, (unexcused students will have their name written down on the tardy sheet). Without disturbing anyone quickly get to work.
  • Materials needed
    • Bring your pen or pencil with you every day. Bring your binder and spiral/notebook with you every day.
    • All science notes will go in the science section of your binder, but some class activities will be placed in the spiral/notebook. Take your items with you when you leave.
    • If you borrow a pen/pencil, return it.
  • Working in class
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • During instruction put down your pen or pencil, place your hands on the desk and your eyes on the teacher.
  • We are continuing to use S.L.A.N.T. which you are familiar with from HPM campus.
  • In case you forgot…
  • S.L.A.N.T.
    • S- Sit up
    • L- Listen (Lean forward)
    • A- Ask questions (Attentive)
    • N- Nod your head
    • T- Track teacher

  • Classroom Interactions
  • Treat each person in this room with respect. *Golden Rule
  • Do not open the classroom door unless instructed to do so by your teacher. *SAFETY*
  • Respect the furniture, fixtures and fittings. No graffiti anywhere.
  • Your chair has 4 legs which should be in contact with the floor at all times.
  • Do no move the tables or desks.
  • During P.A. announcements sit silently.  

Group work

    • Each group member is expected to contribute.
    • Respect each group member.
    • Work together as a team.
  • Getting your attention
  • I will say “One. Two. Three. Eyes on me”, then everyone be quiet and pay attention to my instructions.

  • If you have a question or I ask the class a question…
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon. Do not blurt out.
    • Sometimes I will call on a student who doesn’t have their hand up, be prepared to answer!
  • Classroom Discussions
    • PLEASE participate. Your input is important
    • Keep your comment on-topic. Other questions or comments should be saved for times outside of whole class discussion. Burning questions can be written on a post-it and handed to me or stuck to the board before you leave.
  • Moving around the room
  • You must ask permission (raise your hand).
  • Do not ask during teaching or classroom discussion.
  • Save your trash until the end of class.
  • Students will not use the electric pencil sharpener during class time.
  • Take care of restroom business between classes. We use the 10/10 rule on campus. Outside of this time extreme emergencies may be addressed.
  • Don’t expect to be allowed to go if you don’t take care of your classwork.

  • Late / Makeup work
    • If you are absent you are responsible for getting the work you missed on your return (you will have a 2 day grace period before points are deducted). Work (worksheets/notes) is located in hanging folders in the back of the room. Makeup work and late work will be accepted up to the day before the current grading period ends. A point penalty will apply for every day it is late. If you miss a test you will make it up when you return.
  • Classroom visitors
  • When another student or adult comes to the door or enters the room, continue to work as you have been instructed and do not begin talking or off-task behaviors (it is not free time).
  • Our principals love to come in and observe our learning. Be excellent students and stay focused.

  • When you have a substitute
  • You will be on your best behavior. You will show the Substitute respect and follow normal classroom procedures.
  • Work is always graded. If you do not turn in any work you will get a zero.

  • Class Dismissal
  • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. I will tell you when to pack up.
  • Classes end in silence. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you.
  • Push your chair in before you leave. Take your binder with you. If you have an assignment to turn in, place it in the correct class period tray.