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My name is David Wines and I'm teaching 7th grade science.  This is life science and it is relevant to all of us!  
Educational Philosophy
It is my goal to engage and encourage all students to accomplish great things.  I hope each student reaches their full potential.  I try to teach them not only science, but life skills which they will carry with them when they leave my class.
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Science: Seventh Grade


Mr. Wines

Room 500

What will we study?


1st 6 Weeks

  • Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations & Lab Safety
  • Unit 1: Cell Structures and Functions
  • 2nd 6 Weeks
  • Unit 2: Human Body Systems & Homeostasis
  • 3rd 6 Weeks
  • Unit 3: Plant Systems & Homeostasis
  • Unit 4: Genetics
  • 4th 6 Weeks
  • Unit 5: Adaptations in Plants & Animals
  • Unit 6: Flow of Energy
  • 5th 6 Weeks
  • Unit 7: Organisms and Their Environment
  • 6th 6 Weeks
  • Unit 8: Factors Affecting Earth Systems
  • Unit 9: Characteristics on the Solar System

Every Grade Counts!

30% Tests  – Tests, Labs, and Projects

70% Daily work – Daily Assignments, Notes, “Do Now”, and Quizzes

What will we do?

    • Investigating labs
    • Station Activities
  • Written reports and assignments
  • Manipulatives and hands-on practice
  • Use technology for apps and websites
  • Vocabulary activities

Bring everyday:

    • Pencil (Erasers) and/or Pen (Blue or Black ink)
    • Spiral or Composition Notebook
  • School Binder (or Science Folder)


  • Look at absent folder when you return
  • Turn in missing work within 2 days
  • Email/inform the teacher


  • Follow class procedures
    • Come prepared with materials/supplies
  • Turn in assignments on time
    • Be respectful!
  • Clean up after yourself


  • Talk over the teacher or others
  • Take a zero for a grade!
  • Leave trash or paper on the floor.
  • Make excuses.

(Take a consequence for your actions.)

Teacher Information:


Tutoring:  by appointment.  


Need Help?

  • Ask for HELP!
  • Come to a tutoring session
  • Ask for extra work

Content overview: 3rd 6 Weeks: 
Plant Systems and Homeostasis