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Math with Maertz

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school and more importantly, welcome to my 7th grade math class! My name is Lacey Maertz and I'm a 2012 graduate from West High School and a 2015 graduate from a Texas A&M University. I'm a teacher, wife, and mother and I look forward to meeting all my students this school year! This is my second year to be teaching at La Vega Junior High - George Dixon Campus, and I'm honored to have been asked to come back to a great district and campus.

It is my honor to teach at La Vega Junior High George Dixon Campus this year. Growing up math was always my strong suit, and I hope to instill a passion for math in my students just like my teachers did me. I'm looking forward to bringing real world and culturally relevant scenarios into my classroom to help my students to connect not only with the content but with each other and me.

Go Pirates!
Meetings by Appointment Only
2nd Period (8:58 - 9:43)
Current Class Topic
Proportional Reasoning with Ratios & Rates
Course Objectives
Numbers and Operations
Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Multiple Representations of Linear Relationships
Geometric Relationships
Measurement and Data
Personal Financial Literacy