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Jenny Prock » Miss Prock's 8th grade Math page

Miss Prock's 8th grade Math page

Hi.  I am Jenny Prock and I teach 8th grade Math at LVJH-GDC.   This is my 14th year to teach, 3rd  year at La Vega Jr. High.  I am looking forward to a wonderful school year with your student.  Please feel free to call the office at any time and leave me a  message or schedule an appointment.  You can also email me at  Below I have added my syllabus.  If you need me for any reason, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

8th grade Math

Miss Prock

La Vega Jr. High-George Dixon Campus

2019 – 2020

Welcome to 8th grade Math.  Your 8th grade year is the most challenging year of junior high school, but it is also the most rewarding.  If you are willing to put in the work, it will prepare you for your high school years and life beyond high school.  Our goal this year is to calculate, compute, think, and communicate on a higher level.

  • You will need to dig deeper into your Math tools for a clear understanding.    
  • I need you to think.  Think for yourself. Think outside the box.  Think critically and to wonder why and how math problems can be solved.  
  • Finally, be willing to communicate honestly and respectfully with me, yourself, and your classmates.

In order to achieve our goal this year, I need you to:

  • Participate actively in class discussions, assignments, group work, etc.
  • Take risks as an individual and in groups to solve problems.
  • Commit to honestly completing YOUR work at the assigned time.
  • Respect yourself, your classmates, and me. Please and thank you.

I am here to help you become your best.  My door is open to you. If you have questions or concerns, be proactive and let me know what you need.  I am at school every day from 7:20 a.m. – 4:150 p.m.

  • Email: WHS:   (254) 299-6790       Conference: 1:24-2:09 pm (6th period)
  • class supplies:  These items are needed as soon as you can get them for class. You will need these items every day in class. I do not supply these items.

~ Composition book

~ Folder

~ Pencils

~ Red and green pens for grading

~ Notebook paper

Class Rules:

  1. Enter the classroom quietly walking and on time.
  2. Pick up your supplies and be in your seat working on the bell ringer and be ready to start class when the bell rings.
  3. Once you enter the room, you stay in the room.
  4. Follow all directions.
  5. No food, snacks, drinks, or candy.  Only water in original water bottles allowed.
  6. Always do your best work.  Academic dishonesty will receive a zero, parent contact, and office referral.

Cell phones:  Periodically we may use phones for classwork; however, I will let you know clearly when it is time.   To avoid phones becoming a distraction in class, I need you to keep your phone to be turned off and put away in your bag/backpack unless otherwise instructed by me.

  • If you are on your phone without permission, I will confiscate it and turn it into the front office.  You will then have to comply with office rules to get your phone back.

  • Put all backpacks and purses along the back wall.  You do not need these on your desk during class.

  • Begin the Bell ringer that is on the board or overhead.  Name, Date, title, and complete each bell ringer in your composition notebook (journal).  Be ready to share after attendance. Bellwork is for a grade. You may leave journals in your class’ bin.

During class:

  • Stay on task throughout the full class period.

  • After you complete your assignment, quietly work on homework for another class or read a book.  Do not distract others. You may not be on your phone.

  • After 1st bell, return supplies, throw away any trash, straighten your desk, and return to your seat until I dismiss you.  Do not stand around the room or line up at the door.

Turning in assignments:  Turn in your assignment to me when it is completed.  Please make sure that your first and last name is in the top left of the paper, the class title and period under your name, and the date under both.  Work that is not turned in when I ask for it is considered late.

Neatness saves your grade:

  • Write in pencil.  We use pencil in this class so you can erase when you make a mistake.  Ink is not allowed for your math work as it makes a mess. Ink is only used when grading work.

  • Do not doodle or draw pictures on your assignments.  

Late work:  I expect you to complete all your work and turn it in on time.  Work that is not turned in at the time it is due will be counted as late.  This includes working on an assignment and turning it in later during the class period.  Late work automatically starts with -30 points.  Instead of starting the grading scale at 100 points, late work will start at a 70.

Make-up work:

  • You are responsible for making up assignments, quizzes, and tests that you miss from an absence.

  • Pick up your make-up work from the “Absent” folder, that is in the red organizer hanging on the closet door.   You have one additional day for each class day that you missed.   I am not responsible for reminding you to pick up this work.

  • If you miss a quiz or test, you must make an appointment to take it before or after school.  You have one day after your return to make it up.  If you do not take the quiz/test, it will count as a zero.

Tardy policy:  You must be in your seat and working on the bell ringer when the tardy bell rings.

Academic Dishonesty:  Always do YOUR work.  If you have an individual assignment, I expect you to do it alone so I can see your capability.  I have zero tolerance for academic dishonesty.

  • Collaboration on an individual assignment, you will receive a zero.  I will contact your parents and refer you to the office.

Grades:  I take daily grades each week.  I take quiz grades and test grades, as well.

Corrections:  I do allow you to correct daily work when you make a lower grade than you like.  All corrections are due before we test out of that current unit.

  • You must get a clean sheet of notebook paper and write the number of the problem and write out the question.  Give your new answer and show any work to prove it. Do this for each of the problems you are correcting. Staple the correction sheet onto the front of the original graded paper. If no work is shown, no credit is given. If work doesn't match the problem, no credit is given.

  • Do not do corrections on the graded paper.  I will not give credit for this.

  • I will give half of the points back to the grade if the correction is done correctly and there is work shown for how you got the new answers.  

****No corrections on unit tests or quizzes.

Progress Reports:  All progress reports are handed out on the Wednesday during the 4th week of the 6th week period.  

Tutoring:  If you are needing extra help in an area, an appointment can be made with me to get help.  Come see me for an appointment.

I do not give Extra Credit work.