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Cindy Wells

7th Grade Math Intervention

In our effort to expand students' math content knowledge, La Vega Jr. High offers 7th grade Math Intervention. This program provides opportunities for students to learn math concepts and practice skills that will facilitate improved student performance. 
 I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in Professional Development as well as a Master of Education in Differentiated Instruction. I am a member of the Texas Statewide Network of Assessment Professional and the Instructional Materials Association of Texas. 
Math Intervention

Mrs. Wells

La Vega Jr. High-George Dixon Campus

2018 – 2019


*Math Intervention Goals

To address pre-requisite math skills gaps
To support students in performing grade level math standards
To re-teach critical concepts and skills

Math Intervention will give students the opportunity to experience and practice mathematics through a variety of assessment and learning tasks which will include basic computation practice, spiral reviews, and problem solving plans.

Math Intervention Grade and Progress Reports

Math Intervention is an extension of the regular math course and is intended to support students’ understanding of grade level objectives. Math Intervention is to be graded either Satisfactory (100-70) or Needs improvement (69 and below)

S  – The Satisfactory student consistently uses his/her time in Math Intervention to improve his/her understanding of math concepts. The student’s intervention work ethic is reflected in their Math Intervention Portfolio.

N – The Needs Improvement student does not consistently use his/her time in Math Intervention to improve his/her understanding of math concepts. The student’s intervention work ethic is reflected in their Math Intervention Portfolio

In order to make the most of your math experience, you will be expected to….

  • Willingly participate in all independent assignments and assessments
  • Document your math processing methods in math journals
  • Participate cooperatively in all group activities

Class Rules:

  1. Students will quietly arrive on time with needed supplies.
  2. Students will be seated and ready to start class when the bell rings.
  3. Students will ask permission to move about the room.
  4. Students will store cell phones and outside food/drinks in designated areas.
  5. Students will remain in classroom during the first and last 10 minutes of class.

Classroom Resources:

Please be respectful and do not get up to use these items without permission.

Tissues – With permission, you may use the classroom tissues.  

Pencils – With permission, you may use my pencils, the please return them. NO PENS

Band-Aids – With permission, you may have a band – aid.

Water – With permission, you may use the disposable cups to get water.                          


Cell phones:

Cell phones will be stored in the numbered classroom docking station.

If you are on your phone without permission, I will confiscate it and turn it in to the front office. You will then have to comply with the office rules to get your phone back. NO EXCEPTIONS


Entering the Classroom:

  • Arrive on time in a respectful manner. If tardy, quietly give teacher tardy slip, then follow procedures
  • Get supplies from your backpack then put backpack against the back wall
  • Insert your cell phones in the docking station
  • Get your Math Folder
  • Go directly to your assigned seat
  • Ask permission to sharpen your pencils (DO NOT gather at the pencil sharpener)


During Classtime:

  • Immediately begin the Do Now Review. After 3 minutes, be ready to share your responses
  • During direct instruction, you should have your pencil ON your desk, hands placed ON desk, eyes ON teacher as outlined in the AVID S.L.A.N.T procedure
  • S – Sit Up
  • L – Listen
  • A – Ask Appropriate Questions
  • N – Nod Your Head to Express Understanding
  • T – Track Your Teacher With Your Eyes 
  • Stay on task throughout the entire class period
  • Allow others to learn in a pleasant environment
  • Return supplies, throw away trash, straighten your desk, and take your belongings with you
  • Stay in your seat until I dismiss you. DO NOT stand around the room or line up at the door


Classroom Discussions

  • Raise your hand to answer questions or make comments
  • DO NOT blurt out
  • Ask questions or make comments that are on topic


Intervention assignments will remain in your math folder until the end of the week. After they have been checked you will file them in your portfolio folder.




Heading: All work must have a full heading in the left-hand corner (Journals and Handouts)



First name and last name

Assignment Name










  • Everyone must remain seated when there is a knock on the classroom door.
  • ONLY the Teacher opens the door or gives permission to open door.
  • Everyone must remain quite when there is an intercom announcement.
  • ONLY the Teacher responds to intercom messages.
  • DO NOT doodle or draw pictures on your math folder, math journal, or math assignment



If you need extra help in an area, an appointment can be made with me to get help after school. Come see me for an appointment.


Be Positive, Be Productive, Be Pirate Proud!


  • Email:
  • LVJH:   (254) 799-2428                                       
  • Conference: 9:01-9:46 am (2nd period)


Successful people do less….










The Pirate Code

Be Prompt

Be Positive

Be Prepared

Be Productive

Be Polite

Be Proud

Successful people do less...